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Home Extensions


A home addition will fulfill your needs for additional space without the cost or fuss of new home construction. Most homeowners are turning to home extensions to add living space to their houses as an alternative to selling and moving. The home addition team from Home Remodel Naples can present you with a beautifully constructed home addition that will adequately fit your space and enhance the value of your house. We will take care of the building permits and municipal applications off your hands so you do not need to be bothered with those.

A home extension can be anything from kitchen extensions, loft extensions, conservatories, patios sunrooms, to a whole lot more. With the help of our team of renovation contractors, you will be able to have the perfect home extension room that will fulfill the exact requirements you have in mind. Tell us your needs and we will build the home extension that meets them all.


Do you want additional living space or a study? Or maybe you would like a first-rate Florida sunroom? Home Remodel Naples specializes in providing the craftsmanship for premium home additions Naples to your house. Our dedicated home remodelers are adept at handling a seamless home expansion within the time frame designated, working in tandem with you through the entire process.


What Our Client Say

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Home Addition Company Naples, FL


We recognize that there can be various different reasons that can create a need for more space. From beginning to end, we can plan and construct your ideal home addition that will satisfy your requirements while not breaking your budget and affecting your way of life.

Home Office or Study

Everything from old-school studies to modern-day home office designs that will help you optimize the space that is already there in your house.

Game Room or Play Area

Make sure that you and your family never run short on play space in your house. Set up a special game room where both you and your children spend many hours enjoying their free time in your home.

Bathroom Addition

A second bathroom is a great way to improve the functionality of a house as well as raise its value for a resale.

Garage Addition

We can turn your garage floor into an office annex or even construct a room above your garage. Garage expansions for extra vehicles or cars can be done as well.