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How to Blend Old and New in Your Home Remodel

How to Blend Old and New in Your Home Remodel


If you’re looking to make a home renovation that combines the old with the new, there are several things to consider. For starters, you need to consider how those two elements will blend and look together. You’ll also want to think about the aesthetic and functionality of your space—are you looking for a modern or traditional feel? If so, then what colors and textures can help tie it all together? There are many ways in which an older home can be updated while still retaining its original charm. Read on for some tips on how to blend old and new seamlessly!

Be authentic

Authenticity is key. If you’re working on a midcentury ranch house and want to blend old and new, choose materials that are appropriate to the period of your home. For example, using laminate flooring in an older home would be a faux pas because it’s more modern than what would have been used during its heyday.

If you’re planning to replace the carpet with hardwood floors in your 1950s ranch house, it’s important to choose contemporary finishes that match the style of the architecture. Consider using stainless steel trim around doors or windows, and consider adding extra lighting. Make sure to avoid designs that are too much like the Mission design aesthetic and focus on a Mid-Century Modern sensibility instead.

Consider your lighting

When it comes to lighting, consider the purpose of each fixture.

  • Will you be using it for general illumination? If so, consider how many bulbs will be required and how bright they should be.
  • Will it be used as task lighting in a specific area (like reading nooks)? Then consider what kind of light is best for this use and whether dimmable options are available.

You also need to think about the size and shape of your room when choosing a light fixture: Is there enough space on either side of where the fixture will hang so that no one gets hit by its glass casing when walking past? Does this design complement other elements like artwork or furniture pieces? Are there any colors in the room that would clash with whatever color was chosen for this particular feature?

Use colors and textures to tie in with other rooms

When you’re trying to blend old and new, the best thing you can do is use colors and textures that match other rooms in your home. For example, if there’s a particular piece of furniture or artwork that belongs in another room but doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of your decor, try using similar colors on the walls so it blends right in. You can also use complementary colors (yellow vs blue) or neutrals (white or gray).

But don’t go overboard with this technique; while blending old and new is an important part of any remodel project, too much blending can result in an unappealing mishmash of styles. If this happens at all during your remodel process, don’t worry–just go back over everything again until everything looks uniform enough for your tastes!

Don’t be afraid of mixing multiple styles

When you’re mixing styles, your goal is to create a cohesive look that feels natural and comfortable. So don’t be afraid of mixing multiple styles in the same room or even using elements of different styles in the same room. You can also use different styles in each room if you want – as long as it all works together, who cares?

The point is not to be too strict about how everything has to go together. If you like something modern but also want some classic touches, then go for it! The point is just to make sure that everything fits together well so that the space feels like one cohesive unit rather than two separate ones awkwardly sharing space (and making each other look bad).

Look for inspiration all around you

When you’re looking for inspiration, the best place to start is with the things that are already in your home. Look at the colors, textures and patterns of what’s already there and see if there are ways you can incorporate those elements into your new design scheme.

The next best thing? Look outside the house! Take a walk around the neighborhood or visit some other houses on Airbnb (which has great photo galleries). You’ll be amazed at how much inspiration can come from just looking around at what other people have done with their spaces.

If you’re blending old and new, there are some important elements to consider.

When you’re blending old and new, there are some important elements to consider. First, consider the lighting. You want to make sure you have enough light in every room, so if you’re adding an electrical outlet or switching out bulbs for more efficient ones, do so before moving forward with any other work.

Next up: color! Choose a palette that ties in with other rooms in your home (if possible) and don’t be afraid of mixing multiple styles–think midcentury modern meets rustic farmhouse here! Finally, look around at what inspires you–the architecture outside your window? That gorgeous chair at Restoration Hardware? Whatever it is that makes your heart sing will help guide your design decisions as well as inform what works best within each space.


We hope this article has given you some ideas for blending old and new in your home. We know that it can be a challenge to find the right balance between tradition and innovation, but we believe that with the right approach, it’s possible! If you have any questions or comments about our tips on blending styles, please feel free to leave them below.

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